Paula Nieto

I started developing an interest in 3d art since I saw for the first time how the backgrounds were computer generated in an animation series -Les 3 bessones-, for which I worked creating the intercuts of the key animations.

After that experience I decided to learn 3d, using Autodesk Maya. One year later I started working in video games. It was 2001. My own first character was Home Groso, an amorphous being, with no facial expression and without arms. I was tired of counting polygons to add muscles (we were creating an RPG with super hunky warriors). My character emerged as an unconscious response to so much epic.

I continue exploring ways of integrating digital 3d works with objects that can be touched. My focus now is on 3d printing using either recycled or waste materials.

Solstici 2023 - Tecla Sala
Solstici 2023 - Tecla Sala

In 2021 I restarted the artistic career that I had left behind several years ago. I rented a space in an artist community, seeking to define and focus my artistic interests. After trying several directions, I became interested in 3d printing.

In September 2022, I joined the group of TPK resident artists in L'Hospitalet (Barcelona), where to continue developing my artistic projects.

I've been investigating how to create art pieces using 3d printing materials that do not harm the environment. I have returned to 3d design and learn to use Blender after starting with Autodesk Maya. My goal is to combine the digital with the material through 3d printing or other techniques, with organic materials or with waste. As part of my research I am interested in knowing if the pieces are going to degrade over time and how they are going to do it.

There are other topics that are beneath my works: the absurd, the void, the uncertainty, the undefined spaces, the artifice... through different techniques and materials but always with the idea of combining digital development with something real that can be touched.

logo testaquente
logo testaquente

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